Marcy Rein
Grassroots groups rooted in communities of color and low-income communities are rising up against efforts to suppress the vote.
Aaron Jamal
Contending for political power on the state level, especially in the South, is critical for winning fights in the short and long term.
Max Elbaum
We need to create an urgency that puts pressure on Senators to finalize a robust relief package and pass it now!"
Stephanie Luce
Members and staff from three unions speak about ways unions can take the fight for racial justice to new levels.
James Mumm
We've hit a social movement trifecta: a racial justice uprising and pandemic in an election year where everything is on the line.
Max Elbaum
By Max Elbaum The COVID-19 pandemic and the uprising to defend Black lives have cast a spotlight on a level of deep-rooted inequality, ruling class degeneration, and public-health-be-damned behavior that makes the U.S. unique even among capitalist countries. My next column will examine the sources of these pathologies in a nation founded on racial slavery […]
Jon Knowles
Lessons for left organizers today from the Travis Air Force base uprising in 1971.
Max Elbaum
The Movement for Black Lives' call for action on Juneteenth is a key next step to orient the progressive front toward organizing for the long haul.
Rosa Moussaoui
What are the roots of the uprisings we see across the country following the murder of George Floyd? How do we make sense of the intersecting crises faced by Black communities?
Alex T. Tom
Anti-China and Anti-Chinese sentiment is growing, fanned by the right. Here are ten ways progressives can respond.
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