Sam Lewis
We need an inside/outside approach where organizations take input from elected officials but play the lead role in setting strategy.
Marcy Rein
With deep listening and straightforward talk on racism, organizers can win white people to the fight for multi-racial democracy.
Calvin Cheung-Miaw
The struggle against the right needs to be intermeshed with all-out fights tackling the immense suffering in our communities.
Stephanie Luce
We need different types of power that can all reinforce each other – narrative, organizing, mobilizing, and electoral power
Luke Elliott-Negri
"It just comes down to simply: what can we do to solve the issues that need to be solved?"
Organizing Upgrade
As we send off this year and prepare for the next, we're sharing 12 of OrgUp's most popular 2020 articles and live shows.
David Bacon
"If enough of us carry out a piece of what needs to be done, then change will most certainly come."
Alicia Garza
"There is no such thing as a single issue struggle because we do not live single issue lives.” - Audre Lorde
Rand Wilson and Peter Olney
The heroes of the 2020 election are the grassroots political activists who busted their butts to defeat Trump by working for Biden.
Linda Burnham
Activists immersed in the political ferment of the late 1960s and early 1970s birthed key strands of Back feminist theory.
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