Linda Burnham
Activists immersed in the political ferment of the late 1960s and early 1970s birthed key strands of Back feminist theory.
Tobita Chow
Even though anti-China politics has its home on the right, it is certain to play a significant role in a Biden administration.
Jen Soriano, Hermelinda Cortés, and Joseph Phelan
What is new is the speed disinformation travels, and the number of bad actors or chaos agents responsible for the manipulation.
Brandon Rey Ramirez
Organizations cannot discount the importance of movement building in achieving governing power.
Purvi Shah
Commit to the long arc of social change and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Christopher Vials
Yes to an alliance with liberals, but local conditions matter.
Whitney Maxey
We are in a protracted struggle against the New Confederacy, the reactionary white cross-class front that controls the GOP.
Calvin Cheung-Miaw
The U.S. will be a multiracial democracy or it won't be a democracy at all. This is the starting point for left strategy in this moment.
Carl Davidson and Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Este es un momento en el que debemos iniciar una campaña masiva de “una persona, un voto”
Bob Wing
by Bob Wing Biden has narrowly won the most consequential election since 1860, a referendum on race, racism, inequality and authoritarianism amidst a raging pandemic. In the last four years, the Republicans have moved farther right led by Trump, and Democrats have moved leftwards under the influence of Black Lives Matter, Bernie, Elizabeth and the […]
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