Van Gosse
In the wake of the Whig Party's disintegration, the Radical Republicans became the one truly revolutionary party this country has ever had. Can we build the next one?
Jon Liss
by Jon Liss I’m old, but a little too young to have lived through the New Communist Movement of the 1970’s and it’s battles to form revolutionary parties and pre-parties, that is, to build a disciplined band of professional revolutionaries to carry out a political line.  That’s another article for another author.  On the other […]
Jon Liss
by Jon Liss The battle over ideas (both in form and content, and as measured by PAC, party, and candidate spending) is breeding cynicism and driving down voter turnout. Inspired by the disaster of Trump and Trumpism two years out most organizers are engaged in barroom or coffee shop speculation about the 2020 election.   […]
Craig Collins
U.S. and China relations will have a profound impact upon the fate of the planet. And there is growing potential for climate activism to spark a fierce fire of green internationalism.
Will Tanzman and Marta Popadiak
Chicago's 2019 municipal elections delivered significant victories for socialists and progressives. Read about the organizing that made those wins possible.
Luke Elliott-Negri
In 2019, there is a diversity of left electoral projects and experiments unfolding. An ultimate goal is easier to name than the path to get there: we need to deepen and extend democracy into the most important, collective aspects of our lives including especially the places we work and the neighborhoods and buildings we live in. But before we can name a path – a strategy – to get there, we first need some awareness and understanding of current efforts, as we give them the time they need to develop.
May Jo Connelly
April Freeman and Bennett Foster interviewed by Mary Jo Connelly   Background: How & Why Memphis for All Was Founded  After the 2016 Clinton defeat the founders of Memphis for All concluded that status quo Democratic Party politics had moved away from a core progressive agenda because it was so disconnected from progressive constituencies and bases, […]
Daniel Doubet
  By Daniel Doubet   A lot of organizers have taken to a self-defeating posture to the rise of fascism: “I told you so.” They told us so as Trump crushed his opposition. They told us so when Trump won. Last week, they told us so when the Mueller Report was submitted. Organizing tests us. […]
Rand Wilson and Peter Olney
  Rand Wilson and Peter Olney respond to the many replies to their January 22 article.   We are indebted to the many Organizing Upgrade readers who responded thoughtfully to our article, A Labor Movement 2020 Election Strategy. Privately, we also received additional comments that were in the same constructive spirit. Brothers Garver, Maki and […]
New York Campaign Organizers
  This piece was written by a group of campaign organizers from the Cynthia Nixon, Jumaane Williams, and Zephyr Teachout campaigns in New York State in 2018.    The September 2018 primary elections in New York was a watershed moment that shaped politics across the state. A massive coalition of community organizations and grassroots electoral […]
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