Anthony Thigpenn and Jon Liss
Durante los últimos 35 años, las elecciones estatales, el gobierno y las luchas han sido la base fundamental de la toma de poder nacionalista blanco de derecha en que se han convertido Trump y el Trumpismo.
Max Elbaum
Progressives will only become a hegemonic force if they join a broad majoritarian coalition to defeat Trump and become a leading force in politics over the next two presidential cycles.
Van Gosse
Van Gosse outlines 3 historical lessons for engaging the Democratic Party today in the final installment of his primer on US political parties for organizers.
The Editors
Analysis, strategy, and political education resources for left organizers and organizations working to oppose U.S. agression against Iran.
Van Gosse
An look at the history of the Democratic Party -- and the Left -- in three periods from Jackson and Jefferson to Clinton and Obama.
Seed The Vote Education Committee
A new political project led by organizers in the Bay Area is mobilizing to defeat Trump in 2020. Read the analysis that is guiding their strategy.
Van Gosse
In this first of three articles on U.S. political parties for organizers, historian Van Gosse looks at what makes the U.S. party system unique.
Karen Nussbaum
Karen Nussbaum, founder of Working America, argues that deep investments in talking with voters, not at them, is key to building long-term power.
Anthony Thigpenn and Jon Liss
Anthony Thigpenn and Jon Liss argue that left organizers must join forces to create state-level united fronts and build electoral and governing power.
Claire Tran and Jacob Swenson-Lengyel
Left organizers cannot afford to sit out the struggle for impeachment. Far from being a sideshow, demonstrating leadership in a broad anti-Trump front is essential to win governing power and advance a structural reform agenda.
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