Lee Gargagliano
Many of us are feeling low following recent primaries loses, but we must brace ourselves for the fight ahead, not give in to division, demoralization or distraction.
Sandra Hinson and Richard Healey
Over the next decade, we can build a mass left political party. In the near-term, we must focus on driving a stake through the heart of the Republican Party.
Organizing Upgrade
Hot takes on Super Tuesday compiled by Organizing Upgrade The results on Super Tuesday were not what almost anyone across the political spectrum expected. For backers of Bernie Sanders and other left and progressive activists they have set off a wide-ranging conversation about the balance of forces, the strengths and weaknesses of our efforts so […]
Max Elbaum
These three numbers aren't get as much press as they should be.
Max Elbaum
White male billionaires are trying - with varrying success - to control both parties and our entire political discourse. This dangerous spectacle raises the stakes for movements for social justice in 2020.
The Editors
A live panel discussion on the 2020 democratic primaries, hosted by Rishi Awatramani and Adam Gold, featuring left organizers Cliff Albright, Jaisal Noor, Shawn Sebastian, and Tracey Corder.
Jack Lucero Fleck
Jack Lucero Fleck reponds to Seed The Votes' political assessment, arguing for an increased focus on the dangers of climate change and an intersectional analysis that connects climate to race, immigration, militarism, and jobs.
Max Elbaum
Progressives will only become a hegemonic force if they join a broad majoritarian coalition to defeat Trump and become a leading force in politics over the next two presidential cycles.
Max Elbaum
In the inaugural dispatch of our new 2020 election column, Max Elbaum argues that left organizers must focus on defeating Trump, while recognizing that alone is not enough.
Rachel Gilmer
Sanders's criminal justice reform plan is stronger than Warren's, but both beat Biden's plan by a long shot—and still have room for growth.
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