Whitney Maxey
by Whitney Maxey The next few months are decision time for the left. Either Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be inaugurated President on January 20, 2021. Millions of people, including the vast majority of voters of color and of workers of all backgrounds who reject bigotry and lies, will cast their ballots for Biden. […]
The Editors
Hear from guests Vijay Prashad, Angela Lang, Laurel Wales, and Phillip Agnew on moving from demands to strategy in the midst of a global pandemic.
Max Elbaum
Can The People's Bailout build on the momentum of efforts like the Women's March? Max Elbaum argues it holds the potential to serve as a bridge between survival and transformative change.
Sam Lewis
by Sam Lewis At the moment, the focus of the nation and the left is shifting to the public health and economic crisis sparked by COVID-19. Still, we cannot let an evaluation of Bernie Sanders’ historic campaign slip off our agenda. Here’s my attempt: 1) Bernie went from front runner to extreme long-shot between the […]
Max Elbaum
Max Elbaum argues that as we confront COVID-19, there's no going back to normal. The choice before us is Trumpism entrenched or starting down a new path.
The Editors
We're at a crucial junction in the 2020 Democratic Primary. Join Marisa Franco, Rachel Gilmer, Maurice Mitchell, Natalia Salgado in conversation with Organizing Upgrade.
Gerald Lenoir
Recent primaries have shown a stark division between older and younger Black voters. What can we learn from the Rainbow Coalition about how to build unity and move left?
Max Elbaum
Even if Joe Biden wins the nomination, neoliberalism is dead. Let's be the whirlwind that upends it and inaugurates a cycle of progressive change.
Lee Gargagliano
Many of us are feeling low following recent primaries loses, but we must brace ourselves for the fight ahead, not give in to division, demoralization or distraction.
Sandra Hinson and Richard Healey
Over the next decade, we can build a mass left political party. In the near-term, we must focus on driving a stake through the heart of the Republican Party.
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