Max Elbaum
By Max Elbaum The COVID-19 pandemic and the uprising to defend Black lives have cast a spotlight on a level of deep-rooted inequality, ruling class degeneration, and public-health-be-damned behavior that makes the U.S. unique even among capitalist countries. My next column will examine the sources of these pathologies in a nation founded on racial slavery […]
The Editors
Bill Fletcher Jr., Alicia Garza, Claire Sandberg, and Marcus Ferrell on the lessons from Bernie 2020 and the long arc of the Black Political Struggle.
Rand Wilson and Peter Olney
Time's up for Donald Trump! You will get blasted in the popular vote and crushed in the Electoral College.
Max Elbaum
In cities across the nation, we are seeing an anti-racist front emerge with the power to defeat Trump and inaugurate a Third Reconstruction.
Van Gosse
The 'democracy' everyday people have won through struggle is now on the line.
Max Elbaum
Danger from the Trump administration has reached a turning point, argues Max Elbaum in his latest "This is Not a Drill" dispatch.
Jacob Denz
Persuading voters on issues is important, but Sanders should have done more to convince them he could win.
Max Elbaum
By Max Elbaum Donald Trump tweets so many outrageous things and tells so many lies, it’s easy for any particular statement to get buried in the shitstorm. But a presidential call to “liberate” states led by elected officials of the opposition party while Trump supporters carry guns into their state capitols shouldn’t be one of […]
Erin Heaney
Trump can win again in November, argues SURJ National Director Erin Haney. Beating him requires organizing whites against his strategic use of racism.
Max Elbaum
In the 9th installment of his election column, Max Elbaum argues that the struggle for racial equality, with voting rights at the center, is key to expand the scope of democracy for all, to the special benefit of workers and society's most vulnerable members.
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