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Beyond Bernie: Electoral Strategy for an Independent Left

Organizing Upgrade pulled together leaders and activists from many of the most important movements of the left electoral upsurge to discuss both short- and long-term electoral strategy. The recent resurgence of electoral engagement amongst the social movement and party left in the US is inspiring and full of potential, but still lacks a shared strategy across the groups leading the charge.

The Post-Midterm Political Landscape and Its Strategic Implications

The 2018 Mid-Terms changed the landscape and set the stage for the intense political warfare that lies ahead. This page offers a collection of articles and interviews posted on Organizing Upgrade that assess the election results, dig deep for insights and lessons from some of the most dynamic campaigns and offer ideas on strategy from now through 2020 and beyond.

Craig Collins
U.S. and China relations will have a profound impact upon the fate of the planet. And there is growing...
Will Tanzman and Marta Popadiak
Chicago's 2019 municipal elections delivered significant victories for socialists and progressives. Read about the organizing that made those wins...
Luke Elliott-Negri
In 2019, there is a diversity of left electoral projects and experiments unfolding. An ultimate goal is easier to...

The Rainbow Debates

This summer, Organizing Upgrade hosted an online discussion with veterans of the Rainbow Coalition to revisit the history of this dynamic left political experiment and elaborate the strategic questions posed by their experiences for today’s left organizers.