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Since relaunching in 2017, Organizing Upgrade has served as a key forum for left organizers to engage in strategic dialogue. We bring organizers together across our movements to analyze the landscape and identify key points of alignment, debate, and intervention. Our editorial collective is an all-volunteer team and for the last three years, we have been operating without a budget.

This summer, we are launching a fundraising campaign with the goal of raising at least $20,000 to improve our website for readers, purchase technology to expand our audio-visual offerings (including a new podcast series coming soon!), and to expand our reach to bring new organizers into our community. As we face a series of profound and on-going crises, we believe that now more than ever, our mission of creating space for strategic dialogue is essential.

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Left Strategy as 2020 Looms

As the 2020 election looms on the horizon, major strategic questions confront left organizers, particularly as tensions within a broad anti-Trump front comprised of never-Trump Republicans, corporate Democrats, progressives and socialists simmer and sometimes come to a boil. Organizing Upgrade has published six key articles on 2020 strategy, along with a discussion guide, for groups and individuals to use as they chart a strategy to meet these challenges.

This is Not a Drill

As we approach a momentous election and confront an on-going series of crises, it’s crucial that we take time to assess the opportunities and dangers of the moment. As Trump and the Republicans work to solidify their white nationalist, authoritarian rule, our movements are making great strides in expanding political possibilities, moving people to action, and setting the stage to defeat the right and create space for progressive transformation. Through an on-going series of forums and articles, Organizing Upgrading is engaging leading organizers on the strategic interventions that will take us where we need to go.

The Rainbow Debates

This summer, Organizing Upgrade hosted an online discussion with veterans of the Rainbow Coalition to revisit the history of this dynamic left political experiment and elaborate the strategic questions posed by their experiences for today’s left organizers.

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