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A Few Thoughts on the Alchemy of Hope, Lesley Wood

There is hope in the air. That hope is tied to a new rush to the streets, to protest, to say no to the status quo of payoffs to the rich, and cutbacks for the poor.

People are saying that they are the angry ones, the indignados, and that they are the 99%. In

From the Heart of Liberty Plaza, Melanie Butler

A lot has changed since we started occupying Wall Street 24 days ago. Voices take much longer to echo through the masses of bodies in Liberty Plaza, requiring two or three layers of repetition via the people’s microphone. The kitchen staff, once limited largely t

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PART 1: On #OWS, Co-optation, and the growth phases of social movements

Here’s the thing: our messaging, our strategy, and our tactics must change based on the external landscape. When we become embraced by the Democratic Party and its allies, we must go further than what makes them comfortable. That’s

Three Reasons Why I Love Occupy Wall Street, B. Loewe

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Since September 17th, an enormous amount of public momentum and critique has been generated by the emergence of Occupy Wall Street and its replication in hundreds of cities across the country. Since so much already

Letter to the Occupy Together Movement, Harsha Walia

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I wish I could start with the ritual “I love you” which the Occupy Movement is supposed to inspire. To be honest, it has been a space of turmoil. But also, virulent optimism.

What I outline below are not criticisms of

The Fantastic Success of Occupy Wall Street, Immanuel Wallerstein

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The Occupy Wall Street movement – for now it is a movement – is the most important political happening in the United States since the uprisings in 1968, whose direct descendant or con

Occupying, Organizing and the Movements That Demand Both, Rinku Sen

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With people power exploding all around us, both new and old social justice activists are trying to figure out where to plug in, how to support the moment and what we can all do to turn it into lasting

This piece is reprinted from The American Prospect. It was first published on October 24, 2011. 

The economic crisis has disproportionately affected people of color, in particular African Americans. Given the stark economic realities in communities of color, many people have wondered why the Occupy Wall Street movement hasn’t become a major site f

Organize and Occupy! Stephen Lerner

This piece is reprinted with the author’s permission from the Nation‘s website. It was first published on October 19, 2011.

The activists of Occupy Wall Street have captured the imagination of the world, focusing a spotlight on economic inequality and the role of big banks

Solidarity Letter from Cairo

To all those in the United States currently occupying parks, squares and other spaces, your comrades in Cairo are watching you in solidarity. Having received so much advice from you about transitioning to democracy, we thought it’s our turn to pass on some advice.

Indeed, we are now

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